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What does 'Poker face' mean in Chinese? - Quora Well, Chinese people are pretty utilitarian. So a person work well enough poker face would be not an important characteristic. I know you may see many Chinese with such expression. Mostly it only means they don’t think about or feel about anything for the time being. So they are not deliberately doing so. What does poker face mean? poker face Definition. Meaning ... Definition of poker face. poker face. noun. a blank expression used to hide knowledge or feelings. Last edited on Apr 24 2011. Submitted by Walter Rader (Editor) from Sacramento, CA, USA on Sep 21 2009.

"Poker Face" Mum mum mum mah Mum mum mum mah I wanna hold em' like they do in Texas Plays Fold em' let em' hit me raise it baby stay with me ... What does the meaning of Elton John's song your song?

What does Poker Face mean? | Yahoo Answers In poker there are a lot of "tells", that is like "giveaways" about what a person is feeling etc. So when that American woman or whoever the song is by refers to a poker face, they mean a face, probably expression-less, that gives no clues to what that person is thinking or feeling. Poker Face (Lady Gaga song) - Wikipedia "Poker Face" is a song by American singer Lady Gaga from her debut studio album, The Fame ... "Poker Face" is the best-selling single of 2009 worldwide, with over 9.5 million in sales that year. ... California, on April 11, 2009, Gaga explained to the crowd the true meaning behind the term "Poker Face" used in the song. Urban Dictionary: poker face A face on a person that shows no emotion, often called poker face because in ... Why does he always have a poker face all the time? ... it means: poke her face. POKER FACE | definition in the Cambridge English Dictionary

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Besides the terms listed here, there are thousands of common and uncommon poker slang terms. This is not intended to be a formal dictionary; precise usage details and multiple closely related senses are omitted here in favor of concise … Poker Face (Lady Gaga song) - Wikipedia "Poker Face" is a synth-pop song in the key of G minor, following in the footsteps of her previous single " Just Dance", but with a darker musical tone. Poker gambling tips – Right Fail What does WILD CARD mean?

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Two cards, known as hole cards, are dealt face down to each player, and then five community cards are dealt face up in three stages. What does a Poker Dealer do? (with picture) A poker dealer runs a poker table, which means that he or she shuffles the cards, deals them out, collects them when the hand...

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What does it mean to be a professional poker player? Learn what does it mean to be a professional poker player and carefully think through if this is the path you want to take for a living! BBC - Chart Blog: Lady GaGa - 'Poker Face' Cheese Source! - "puh-puh-poker-FACE, puh-puh-poker-FACE" could, if you squint, be a nod to the verses of 'Word Up' by Cameo. World’s best poker robot is getting smarter | Capitol Casino But our love for the face-to-face competition and energy felt during a game of poker at Capitol Casino is something that can’t be replicated by AI.