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Current Local Time in Freetown, Sierra Leone Current local time in Sierra Leone – Freetown. Get Freetown's weather and area codes, time zone and DST. Explore Freetown's sunrise and sunset, moonrise and moonset.

Interesting And Fun Facts About Sierra Leone. Sierra Leone has a 2% GDP growth rate and its GDP in 2009 was $2.064 billion. Sierra Leone is a member of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS). The two largest and most dominant ethnic groups of Sierra Leone are the Mende and Temne. 11 Weird Facts About Sierra Leone You Need To Know ... The country is in the west coast of Africa, north of the equator. Sierra Leone has a land area of 27,699 square miles (71,740 square kilometres). It bordered on the north and north east by Guinea, on the south and south east by Liberia, and on the west by the Atlantic Ocean. Weird Facts About Sierra Leone. Sierra Leone Facts - Sierra Leone Facts. The main ethnic groups in Sierra Leone include the Temne, Mende, Limba, Kono, Kriole, Mandingo, and Loko. While English is the official language, literacy is not high and therefore the languages most commonly used include the ethnic languages in their respective regions.

The capital of Sierra Leone is called “Freetown”, that is, “Free City” in English. The ironic fact is that the city is located on the site where once one of the largest slave markets in West Africa was located.

Future refugee projections continue to rise due to ongoing conflicts and the effects of climate change. Case studies in Sierra Leone show us the importance of rehabilitating governmental institutions and economic markets in conflict-prone regions. Here are 10 facts about Sierra Leone refugees. Capital Facts for Freetown, Sierra Leone Sierra Leone Benefiting economically from one of the world’s biggest natural deep-water harbors, Freetown serves as the capital city for the Republic of Sierra Leone. The country borders the West African coast overlooking the Atlantic Ocean while its capital boasts the oldest university in West Africa, namely Fourah Bay College which was founded in 1827. Sierra Leone Facts for Kids |

Learn a little about the African country, Sierra Leone, enjoy our fun facts, and print flags, maps and a range of useful printables and worksheets. Freetown, Sierra Leone Fun Facts about Sierra Leone The Republic of Sierra Leone in west African Atlantic coast shares a border with Guinea and Liberia. Sierra Leone means "lion mountains". It was given its name by Portuguese explorer Pedro de Sintra. The slave trade started in 1560 near to where Freetown was built in 1762, as a refuge for slaves.

Sierra Leone has been a source of and destination for refugees. Sierra Leone’s civil war internally displaced as many as 2 million people, or almost half the population, and forced almost another half million to seek refuge in neighboring countries (370,000 Sierra Leoneans fled to Guinea and 120,000 to Liberia). Sierra Leone - Wikipedia

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Sep 26, 2018 ... Even though the language of Sierra Leone is English, people find it ... Sierra Leone, so if you aren't sure whether or not the person does, in fact, work, ... How you wear your clothing is as important as the type of dress and your ... When Portuguese explorers first discovered Sierra Leone, they named ... When Portuguese explorers first discovered Sierra Leone, they named it Sierra Lyoa, which ... Test your knowledge with these fun facts from Sierra Leone. 15 curious things you might not have known about Liberia To mark it, we've unearthed 15 interesting facts about the West African nation .... from Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan, Liberia, Mozambique, Sierra Leone and Sudan. What are some mind-blowing facts about the Sierra Leone Civil War ...

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12 Interesting Facts About Sierra Leone (The Land of ... Facts About the Culture, Geography, and History of Sierra Leone. Sierra Leone is a West African nation that is bordered by Liberia to the southeast, Guinea to the northeast and Atlantic Ocean to the southwest. It is a melting pot of diverse cultures from across West Africa. Facts About Sierra Leone - Interesting And Fun Facts About ...